I’m an independant web designer and developer, creating dynamic and beautiful websites for small businesses, organizations and individuals.


I have 15 years of experience working the web. After receiving my degree in philosophy, comparative literature and classics I felt the need to return the practical world. I then worked as a web programmer for 5 years at leading website companies in Israel. Working in the field I became fascinated with user experience and it’s importance in the web and in everything we interact with. This fascination sent me running to Industrial Design school for a few years. This was an incredible experience that has changed the way I view the world and the things and people in it.


I have been happily working as an independant since 2007 combining my design and programming skills to create a wide variety of websites.

Who Do I Work with?

Passionate individuals, companies, organizations, synagogues, musicians, educational programs, artists, researchers, therapists, designers, entrepreneurs, food products… You name it. One of things I love most about my work is being introduced to so many people and interesting concepts!